So, I started a blog. I guess you already know that, since you're here. Welcome, by the way. Bienvenidos, en español. Anyway, I'm getting off track. So, I'm blogging. About what, you ask? That's yet to be determined and shaped. Right now, I'm blogging about me and what I like. Intriguing, huh?

What exactly do I like? Also, yet to be determined. :) I can be a real pain. Let me tell you a bit about me. As far as my day-to-day life which I know interests everyone, I'm a college student. I still live at home, for the time being. I help out with homeschooling my younger siblings. One may say, 'college students living at home typically have jobs, Jessica.' Right. About that. Right now I babysit and work in a nursery. So, most of my time is spent with young children and my middle-school-aged siblings. I live on the edge. (side note: I'm home alone as I type this and my thoughts on what I would do with this time to myself were 'I wonder if you can make origami out of aluminum foil'. Yeah. I be cray.)

I'm a woman of many quirks. One of which being my use of words that I know how to spell, define, and read; however, I have no clue how to pronounce anything! Do any other readers have this problem? No? Just me. Awesome. Continuing with 'word'-related quirks, I say 'so' at the start of many of my sentences. It's a work in progress. You'll notice it now.

Last word habit, for now. I'm sure you'll notice many of them in the future. Anyway, I am known among my friends, family, and coworkers (read: children that don't know how to talk or keep their drool in their mouth) to, when confronted with a 'new' life experience, express the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing using the phrase "How do I...". Now, one would expect this to be followed by a verb such as 'read', 'drive', 'attend an educational institution', so on and so forth. No. That's for babies (read: my coworkers).  I prefer to use nouns. Nouns are wonderful, aren't they? 'How do I book?' 'How do I car?' 'How do I college?' You get the point. I'm hoping that to stem off of this 'word habit' will be a 'series'. A.K.A. the majority of my posts will probably be humility-based confessions of my inability to life. See? There I go again.

I have other, more interesting, hobbies than just being around small children and using grammatically incorrect questions. I'm going through a book addiction. I say going 'through' with the hope that one day I'll have it under control. Also a work in progress. I'm sure you'll see very few things having to do with books. Have I mentioned I'm sarcastic? I also love to cook, bake, and do whatever else I can (aluminum foil origami) in the kitchen, besides clean up the mess that I make. I'm sure you'll see quite a few baking posts, maybe some cooking posts, possibly food-planning posts, and what not. What other hobbies do I have, you may ask. Well... hmm... I do have friends. That I do things with. Like go to the bookstore.......... I got nothing.

'Jessica, you're in college, what are your goals?' While this question happens to stump many of my peers, I like to think I have it figured out. I would like to finish my associate's degree in education, transfer and get a bachelor's degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and then move on from there. However, I am fully aware that most people who believe they have it 'figured out' typically are the ones who don't. at all.

So join me on this journey of monotony and books. I suppose this isn't a good way to get people to follow your blog, but it's worth a shot! Maybe I'll get a life in the process. One can dream.

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